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Advanced TV Repair

Advanced TV Repair

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  • LG
  • Magnavox
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(Free Estimate if TV is Repaired) Best Price Guaranteed on all Repairs! Quality & Exellent Service at an Affordable Price! We Service all Major Brands & Models. Sony, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, LG, Vizio, Sharp, Westinghouse, Insignia, Dell, Polaroid & more.

**** Please Read Before You Call ****

* We Do Not Repair Cracked or Broken Screens! The cost of this repair outweighs the total cost of the television!
* We Do Not Buy TV"S
* We Do Not Sell Parts
* We Do Not Sell Lamps Only Have Lamps In Stock For Repairs.
* We Do Not Repair By Phone
**** Do Not Call For Any Of Above Questions Save Your Time And Ours ****

Our Services To You Will Be Provided With Honesty And Quality The Best In Town

**** Find Out Your Estimate Before You Call Down Below ****

* We Have a $40.00 In Home Service Call If We Don't Repair
* We Have a Flat Rate Labor $99.95
* We Have 90 Days Warranty
* TV'S Dlp Brands Mit- Samsung -Toshiba White Dots on the Screen need to replace Dlp Chip Call for Best Price on Repair

* TV'S Dlp To Replace The Lamp Price $150.00 Lamp & Labor
* TV'S 32" Lcd Led Labor $99.95 Plus Common Parts Total Estimate $125.00
* TV'S 37" Thru 42" Lcd Led Plasma Labor $99.95 Plus Common Parts Between $90.00 Thru $125.00 Total Estimate $189.95 Thru $224.95
* TV'S 46" Thru 52" Lcd Led Plasma Labor $99.95 Plus Common Parts Between $175.00 Thru $250.00 Total Estimate $274.95 Thru $349.95
* TV'S 60" and Up Labor $99.95 Plus Common Parts Between $275.00 and Up Total Estimate $374.95 and Up
* Reg Big Screens TV'S Price $200.00 Parts and Labor

* We Warranty Our Prices and Our Services By Certified Professionals
**** Now You Should Be Ready To Call and Make an Appointment ****

Instant TV Repair is your solution for all your TV repair needs. With 30 years experience we are your neighborhood TV Experts! We are family owned and operated. We provide in home repair services with up to date on the Lastest Technology on All Brands and Makes.
Call Today don't come to us we come to you Same Day Home Repair.

****We Accept all Major Credit Cards- Cash-,Checks