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In September 1993, a recently divorced Psychologist leaves his Boston home and friends, and moves to Seattle. There he gets an apartment and his father moves in. Seattle is also home to his brother, who is also a Psychologist. These are the main ingredients to a sitcom that was a hit for NBC for 11 years.

On September 16, 1993, Frasier debuted on NBC. The sitcom follows the lead character, Frasier Crane, who recently divorced from his wife and moved from Boston to Seattle. He moves in with his father, a retired Seattle cop, and gets a job as a radio Psychologist hosting a phone in help show. The character of Frasier originated in the hit NBC series Cheers, and in the new show occasional visits from Cheers characters are sprinkled in for continuity.

However, the new series is clearly a fresh start for the Frasier character, and the series introduces a whole new cast. Joining Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane are John Mahoney as his father, Martin Crane, David Hyde Pierce as brother Niles Crane, Jane Leeves as live in housekeeper Daphne Moon and Peri Gilpin as radio Producer Roz Doyle.

The show serves as a clash of characters. Frasier and brother Niles are both refined, like fine wine, gourmet restaurants and the opera. Their father Martin, on the other hand, likes sports, drinking beer, watching TV and relaxing in his old easy chair with his dog, Eddie. The culture clash between the older Crane and younger Cranes is the source of much of the show’s energy. 

Another plot source is at the radio station. The interactions between stuffy Frasier and the guy crazy Roz has resulted in a number of great episodes. Other minor characters at the radio station have also been a source of conflict for Frasier, including station manager Kenny, sports reporter Bulldog and other characters.

Frasier was on the air for 11 seasons with the final episode airing on May 13, 2004. During the course of the broadcast history, the show was never hit the number 1 spot in the ratings, however, for the majority of its run it was solidly in the top 15. 

However, the show was a smash with critics and the show won a total of 37 Emmy Awards during its run, making it the highest total for any situation comedy. Kelsey Grammar and David Hyde Pierce each won 4 Emmy Awards.

Even though the series has ended, fans of the witty comedy can still enjoy the show through video and on re-runs. The comedy centering on the family and friends of Frasier Crane will continue to be enjoyed for years to come.

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