Careers in TV And Radio

When trying to break into the radio and television industry, it may seem like there are only a few areas where success seems plausible. However, with the right preparation, a career in broadcast journalism, whether on the radio or on television, is as attainable as any other career.

Careers in TV and Radio

Women and Minorities

Salary Information

  • A Run for the Money: An article with salaries of various television and radio news positions, including entry level positions, with regional breakdowns.
  • Broadcasting: The United States Department of Labor’s information on the broadcasting industry that contains a list of salaries of various positions.
  • News Investment: An article that compares salaries from the radio industry to the television industry.
  • Broadcast Operator: An article that list job requirements, outlook, and salaries by region, among other things.

Working in Newsrooms

  • Newsroom Employment: An article that discusses the decrease in newsroom employment, as well as the changing demographics.
  • Career-Conflicted Find Little Newsroom Support: An article on the differences between different genders in the newsroom.
  • Fake TV News: Widespread and Undisclosed: An article on the problem of television stations, both from large and small networks, presenting fake news.
  • NewsLab: A source for tools of the trade in the journalism industry, including the latest news.
  • Media Channel: A non-profit organization that attempts to ensure the integrity of the media by making sure they are honest and responsible.
  • Media Matters: A network where individuals in the media industry of the United States can discuss issues of the media.