Family Guy

The Family Guy is a popular animated television series that is aired by FOX Broadcasting Company. The creator of this sitcom is Seth MacFarlane, and it has been broadcasted for eight seasons, with a total of 127 episodes. The series revolves around the dysfunctional Griffin family, and it uses various jokes and situations to present an interesting insight into different aspects of American culture. The show won three Primetime Emmy Awards.

The Family Guy series is set in a fictional Rhode Island town called Quahog. According to MacFarlane, who spent a number of years in Providence, Rhode Island, the town of Quahog is based on the city of Cranston, Rhode Island, and he uses the names of certain locations and people of Rhode Island in some of the episodes in the show, including Buddy Cianci and Pawtucket. The skyline of Providence can be seen in the background in every episode, with easily recognizable landmarks such as the Bank of America Tower, 50 Kennedy Plaza, and One Financial Center.

The main character of the Family Guy sitcom is Peter, who is the head of the Griffin family. He is a bumbling blue-collar worker who speaks with a heavy New England accent. His wife is Lois, a housewife and a piano teacher who comes from a wealthy family of socialites. There are three children in the household, namely, Meg, Chris, and Stewie. Meg is a homely and unpopular teenage girl, and Chris is a slow-witted and overweight teenager who is very much like his father. Stewie is a baby boy who has ambitions of world domination, and he behaves like an adult and speaks with an English accent. The Griffins also has a dog called Brian, who walks upright on two legs, drinks Martinis, smokes, and drives.

There are several recurring characters in the series, and they include sex-obsessed pilot Glenn Quagmire; delicatessen owner Cleveland Brown, his wife Loretta Brown, and son Cleveland Jr.; policeman Joe Swanson, his spouse Bonnie, and infant daughter Susie; Jewish druggist Mort Goldman, his mate Muriel, and their son Neil; and homosexual Herbert.

The Family Guy is centered on the misadventures of the Griffins, with Peter making family decisions based on television shows. It is an anything-goes animation series that is inspired by earlier successful sitcoms such as South Park and The Simpsons. It has the same elements of irreverent plotlines and crude dialogues as The Simpsons, but it is more blatant in its pursuit of the bizarre, grotesque, and the impossible. Some of the episodes showed Peter and Lois wearing S&M outfits in their bedroom, Chris having a pimple that had a mind of its own, Meg’s slumber party transforming into a reality show, and Stewie and Brian making a trip to Europe without prior planning. Family Guy is probably the most liberal prime time animation series that was ever shown on US television.

When Family Guy was first shown in 1999, many viewers doubted that it would become a successful series. It was cancelled twice, in 2000 and 2002, but high DVD sales convinced FOX to give the show another chance. In 2005, it was aired as part of the animation block on Sunday night, and it started to gain popularity. Today, Family Guy is the highest rated comedy among male viewers who are aged 18 to 34.