Seinfeld: A Show About Nothing

it’s a show about Jerry’s normal life. It’s a show about Kramer’s eccentric behavior. It’s a show about George trying to do as little as possible. It’s a show about Elaine’s everyday life. Basically, it’s a show about…nothing!

That was Seinfeld, and even though it was a show about nothing, it certainly was something. Seinfeld debuted on NBC on July 5, 1989, and for the next 9 seasons was one of the highest rated shows on television. During its run, NBC realized it was a ratings goldmine and made it the centerpiece of its night, with new shows vying for a coveted spot adjacent to its time slot.

The premise of the show was fairly simple. It revolved around a group of friends in New York City. There was Jerry, the stand-up comedian as the title character. Jerry was very neat and his apartment was the central gathering point for the other characters in the show, where he would meet with his friends and do stuff. The friends were George, who was always looking for a short cut to wealth and happiness; Elaine, who is an ex-girlfriend of Jerry’s, and still a close friend and Kramer, who is the bizarre neighbor who comes up with wacky ideas.

Other characters appeared on a regular or semi-regular basis. They include Jerry’s nemesis, Newman the postal worker; George’s mother and father; Jerry’s mother and father, and Jerry’s Uncle Leo. All of these characters provide additional interaction with the main characters, and sources of comedy.

During the 9 seasons, many memorable episodes were shown. Some of the more talked about episodes were “The Smelly Car”, “Bubble Boy”, “Junior Mint”, “The Invitations” and “The Contest” episodes. Many of the episodes were subject of conversations at offices and homes after airing, and still remain as classic episodes. Seinfeld also featured special characters that appeared in at least one episode. They include “The Soup Nazi”. “George Steinbrenner” and “J. Peterman”.

Another feature of the series was some of the unique phrases that began to appear in the show. They include “master of their own domain”, “yada yada yada”, “no soup for you” and “not that there’s anything wrong with that”. These phrases became so popular that they began to show up in everyday life, and still can be heard today.

On May 14, 1998, the cast of Seinfeld filmed its final episode. After 9 seasons, Seinfeld left the air on top as the most popular show in television. This was unusual for a show to stop while being number one, but that was typical for a show that was anything but typical. Seinfeld was one of the most successful situation comedies in the history of television, and as long as re-runs exist, Jerry and his friends will always be remembered.

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