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Chris Fabian

"After 29 years in the consumer electronics service, it's my pleasure introduce you to We launched with one goal in mind: to increase sales for television service centers.

As you'll find, we are the only advertising company in America specifically focused on sending new clients to television service centers and self-servicing dealers."

Chris Fabian
Inductee, National Electronics Ind. Hall of Fame
Past Senior Service Exec. at Hitachi, Toshiba & Phillips

TV Repair Online Marketing

If you own a TV repair business, it is important that you know everything you can about online media and the best places to put your advertising dollars for your business. In 2011, nearly 25% of all media consumption will be online and 15% of all advertising dollars will follow. This is because of the rapid growth in consumers finding local businesses online rather than look elsewhere. Nearly eight out of every ten people use online search as their preferred media when looking for a local business. In addition, almost 40% of those consumers said they use their mobile device as a means for local search.

What does this mean for you as the business owner? It means that traditional forms of advertising, whether that be newspaper, radio, yellow pages, etc are no longer cost effective and definitely less significant in terms of the amount of people you will reach. There are many different ways you can choose to market your business online, and it can be a bit overwhelming. The obvious approach is to do something with one of the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. To start, having a website is great for your business in general, but it does not guarantee you that it will give you a better presence online. If you choose to build your business a website, then it is equally as important to drive traffic to the site or it is basically useless since nobody will be able to find it. Typically, you would want to optimize your web page so that it ranks higher in the organic results which you do not have to pay for on any search engine or you can pay a bunch of money to generate clicks through the paid search (which appears at the top of the search engine).

How do optimize your website you might ask? Well, Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website which you, as the owner, can affect by improving the content and design on the web page. There are plenty of online advertising companies that sell different types of services and all of them are obviously at a different cost. offers you a very unique form of advertising in that businesses only pay when you they receive a phone call through the website. Business owners are free to monitor their calls and update their profile information through the website with a username and password and this allows them to train their staff on exactly how they want them answering the phone throughout the day. is one of the first results in the paid search section of all of the major search engines and lists every single business for free and there is no commitment or long term contract with this listing.

Marketing your business has never been more complicated, but you can make it easier on yourself by having a strong web presence so that you're not left out of the advertising game.

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