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With so many T.V. repair shops out there, customers tend to not knowing which shops to choose when they have whether questions or problems with their T.Vs. Customers don't have to look any further. At Caden T.V, we strive for best customer service in terms of pricing, customers' satisfactory and support all around. With the knowledgeable team, combined experience over 25 years, we will be able to answer all questions or repair all problems that you might have with your television set. Our shop is located in Meridian but we also service nearby cities. We provide both in-home service as well as walk-in

We service/repair all makes and models that are out there including some "exotic" brands such as Loewe, Pioneer Elite, Mitsubishi Diamond Series, etc. Besides repairing TVs, we also repair home theater equipments such as receivers, amplifiers, karaoke machines, etc. So, give us a call and you won't be disappointed.

As for the cracked/broken screen, we do not repair those since we think that it is not an economical thing to do since the cost of the panel is roughly 90% the cost of the tv. We recommend customers who have a cracked or broken screen to shop for a new tv instead.