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  • Akai TV Repair
  • CRT TV Repair
  • DLP TV Repair
  • Fujitsu TV Repair
  • General Electric TV Repair
  • Hitachi TV Repair
  • JVC TV Repair
  • LCD TV Repair
  • LG TV Repair
  • Magnavox TV Repair
  • Mitsubishi TV Repair
  • Panasonic TV Repair
  • Philips TV Repair
  • Pioneer TV Repair
  • Plasma TV Repair
  • Polaroid TV Repair
  • RCA TV Repair
  • Samsung TV Repair
  • Sanyo TV Repair
  • Sharp TV Repair
  • Sony TV Repair
  • Toshiba TV Repair
  • TV Repair
  • Vizio TV Repair
  • Westinghouse TV Repair
  • Zenith TV Repair
  • TV Installation
  • TV Mountings

Unfortunately, we do not fix broken or cracked screens! The cost of this repair outweighs the cost of the television!

We do not sell individual parts. We must do the work to provide the part! (this includes lamps, antennas, etc)

Service call rates: Melbourne, Palm Bay area $75.00. Cocoa Beach $75.00, north of 520 $85.00. Titusville $100.00. Cape Canaveral 85.00. Rockledge $75.00

We also do installations and can help with most of your electrical needs!
TV Installations are only $99 dollars labor and up.

Call me today to fix any and all of your TV issues!
Been proudly servicing the area for 35 years.