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  • Akai TV Repair
  • CRT TV Repair
  • DLP TV Repair
  • Fujitsu TV Repair
  • General Electric TV Repair
  • Hitachi TV Repair
  • Home Theater Repair
  • JVC TV Repair
  • LCD TV Repair
  • LG TV Repair
  • Magnavox TV Repair
  • Mitsubishi TV Repair
  • Panasonic TV Repair
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  • Polaroid TV Repair
  • RCA TV Repair
  • Samsung TV Repair
  • Sanyo TV Repair
  • Sharp TV Repair
  • Sony TV Repair
  • Toshiba TV Repair
  • TV Repair
  • Vizio TV Repair
  • Westinghouse TV Repair
  • Zenith TV Repair
  • TV Installation
  • TV Mountings

If you are an owner of a Plasma, LCD or LED set, and the screen is Damaged or Cracked repairs will be uneconomical.

Support one of your local businesses & take advantage of our great deals

For over 30 years Watt TV Service has been specializing in repairing televisions.
If there's picture and sound we can fix it.

*We pride ourselves in same day service.
* Authorized technicians.
*Access to local authorized part distributors.
*Warrant on all jobs completed.
*Home service & Shop repairs available. (New Deals)
*Save money by repairing your TV.

Note: address listed above is administrative office. If you would like to bring the set into our shop, please do at, 18219 Parthenia St., Northridge Ca 91325